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February 2008 - Winter Carnival Quebec City

February 11th

  A great day at the Winter Carnival.  So many events to see.  I am starting to believe that these people EMBRACE winter!  I guess when you live this far north you don't have much of a choice.  Either you love winter or you move south to the Sunshine State of Florida. 

  Here are some photographs that I took, while I was out walking around today. 



  The St. Lawrence Seaway behind me - lot of drifting ice.  Temperatures this morning
  were in the teens.  Not bad for Quebec City.


  Snow Snow Snow and then more Snow!


  Winter Carnival 2008!


  How about some downhill racing for the kids.





  I think we have a winner!


  Outdoor aerobics at the Winter Carnival.




  I would say that is a one horse open sleigh...but



  Huge icicles hanging off this building.




  One of the local bands trying to warm everyone up with some music.






  The kids of the Winter Carnival.  They certainly know how to dress warm.






  Now THIS is the life!


  Ready to roll!

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