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   West Bank                      Israel                             Egypt                              Red Sea                          Mount Sinai

   Mount Sinai                     Egypt                             Egypt Camp                    Egypt Camp                    Mount Sinai

   Red Sea Diving                 Diving                             Diving in the Red Sea       Diving in Egypt               Egypt Diving

   Egypt                       Jordan                          Jordan                            Camping in Jordan         Flying in Toronto

   Kyoto, Japan                   Kyoto                             Kyoto                             Kyoto                             Kyoto

  Kyoto Cherry Blossoms      Japan                             Japan                             Kyoto                             Tokyo, Japan

  Tokyo                               Tokyo                             Tokyo Temple                 China National Zoo          Shanghai, China

    Zhouzhang, China            Tiananmen Square           Tiananmen                     China Dance                    Great Wall of China

   Great wall of China           Red Cross                       Stone Henge                   Paris, France                  Paris, France

   Notre Dame                     Britain Red Cross            England                          Scuba Diving Cancun        Mark Trail Award

   Mark Trail Award            Award                            Award                            Capital Building               Capital

   Puerto Rico Diving            Diving                            Munich, Germany           Germany Conc. Camp      Germany

  Germany                          Germany                        Neuschwanstein               Switzerland                     Switzerland

   Switzerland                     Flying                              Switzerland                    Switzerland                   Romania

   Romania                          Bran Castle                     Key West, FL                  Toronto, Ca                    Central Ontario

   Dog sledding                    Canada Skiing                 Toronto Snow                  Key West, FL                  South Beach, Miami

   Joppa, Illinois                   Branson, Missouri           Metropolis, Illinois          Toronto, CA                   New York, NY

    New York, NY                  New York, NY                  Cancun, Mexico               Cancun Gators                Cancun Deer

    Cancun, Mexico               Cancun Diving                  Cancun                          St Louis, MO                   Hand Gliding

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