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February 2008 - Winter Carnival Quebec City

February 8th - 9th

  Some more photographs I took in Quebec City.  Thousands of people attend the Winter Carnival each year.  This was also the 400th anniversary celebration for the City of Quebec.   

  Walking around the city.  I love a city that celebrates winter!


  Driving back into the city I grabbed this shot.  You can see how much snow people
  have piled up in front of their houses.



  Many ice sculptures around the city.


  That would be Bonhomme - the snowman.  This is the mascot for the Winter Carnival.











  The St. Lawrence Seaway - not covered in ice but some large chunks of ice are
  floating in the river.



  Huge icicles hang off the armory museum.


  How about "human" foosball!


  The kids are having a great time at the Winter Carnival.



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