Damage report
Posted by: CatLady53 (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2007 04:38AM

Hello all, and best wishes to all persons troubled by Dean tonight. At our weather discussion board we have been following Dean, and tonight one of the hurricane hunters posted a damage report based on a press release from Jamaica; I really can't source it any better than that, but he is reliable and here is the text:

Press release from Jamaica.


1. St. Thomas:
Extensive damage has been reported from several communities within the parish of St. Thomas. Significant wind damage to roofs, storm surges, flooding, collapsed structures, impassable roadways are among the many reports.

2. St. James:
The community of Coral Gardens is severely affected by wind damage.

3. Kingston and St. Andrew:
Severe wind damage and downed power lines in the Riverton city area. Also, a fallen tree caused the collapse of a residential building in the Chambers Lane Area of Liganea, St. Andrew.

4. Clarendon:
Flooding has been reported from the Denbigh gully.

5. Portland:
Several roadways in Port Antonio, Manchioneal, Mount James and Mount Airy in Buff Bay are blocked.

6. St. Mary:
Several roadways from Junction to Broadgate are impassable due to fallen trees.

7. St. Catherine:
Storm surges have been reported along the Port Henderson road in Portmore rendering the roadway impassable along with roof damage in the communities of Naggo Head and Newland. The Newland Road is also impassable due to a fallen utility pole. Additionally, sections of the roadway have been eroded in Hellshire due to storm surges and rising water levels have been reported in Old Harbour forcing the evacuation of several persons.


1. Telecommunications
Cellular telephone lines are down in sections of Portland, St. Mary, and Clarendon and there is currently no communication link with the parish of St. Thomas. Efforts are underway to re-establish communication links with St. Thomas as soon as possible.

2. Electricity
Well over 125,000 JPS customers are without power supply.

3. Water Supply
There have been reports of damage to water supply systems.

The link to the board discussion, FWIW, is [www.talkweather.com] . We are mostly based in the Southeast US, with one notable exception from Estonia who apparently has already contacted one of the Kingston radio stations (BG), and we have been following reports at Storm Carib, too. You are not alone; there are many strangers out here who are aware of your plight and inspired by your courage and endurance, and you are in our thoughts tonight and always. Take care.